1. How does fiber helps diabetics ?
    It is a well known fact that fiber slows the absorption of sugar and hence improve blood sugar level. It also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  
  2. When taking Total Fiber™ can I stop my diabetic medications
    Total Fiber™ is a fiber supplement NOT a medication. However taking sufficient fiber supplement like Total Fiber™ can help you manage your diabetes.
  3. I am not taking diabetics medications but my blood sugar is slightly higher than normal. Can Total Fiber™ help? 
    Taking sufficient fiber will help manage your blood sugar and also delay the risk of developing diabetes (Type 2). Total Fiber™ is the ideal fiber supplement.
  4. What is the difference between Total Fiber and the other fiber preparations in the pharmacies?
    Total Fiber™ is specially formulated with fiber that resemble fiber from fruits and vegetables.  It is an ideal supplement if you are not taking sufficient fiber from fruits and vegetables. Other fiber preparations are normally formulated as a laxative and not suitable to be used as a fiber supplement.
  5. I see you have Total Fiber™ and Total Fiber™ NSF. Which is suitable for diabetics?
    Both are suitable. But some diabetics prefer to sweeten the preparation themselves, so Total Fiber™ NSF is better as it does not contain any sugar.