1. Why do patients with renal problem need fiber supplement.
    Many renal patients do not get enough fiber because many food fiber sources are too high in potassium and phosphorus. This may result in constipation and also poor digestion.
  2. I understand Fiber supplements contain minerals like sodium, potassium and phosphate which are not suitable for renal patients?
    Yes, most fiber supplements are not formulated to have low content of these minerals. However Total Fiber™ NSF have very low content of such minerals so it is suitable for renal patients.
  3. Total Fiber™ is taken as a drink. Renal patients are on restricted water intake. How can they take Total Fiber™?
    Total Fiber™ NSF which contains no sugar and flavour is the preferred fiber preparations for renal patients. It can be sprinkled into porridge or added to soup or beverages so that you do not need to add water to the powder.
  4. What are the benefits of Total Fiber™ as a fiber supplement for renal patients?
    Total Fiber™ provides 10g of fiber in just one sachet. Adequate fiber inake can be beneficial to renal patients because it:
    • Keeps GI (gastrointestinal) function healthy
    • Adds bulk to stool to prevent constipation
    • Prevents diverticulosis (pockets inside the colon)
    • Helps increase water in stool for easier bowel movements
    • Promotes regularity
    • Prevents hemorrhoids
    • Helps control blood sugar and cholesterol