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Fiber-ful news for diabetes
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  FAQ: Fibre and Diabetes
  1. How does fibre help diabetics?
    Fibre can slow the absorption of sugar, which for diabetics can help improve blood-sugar levels. Numerous studies have shown that increased fibre intake reduced the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Research in Germany has indicated that increasing the intake of fibre to 25 grams a day reduce the risk of developing diabetes by a quarter compared to taking 12 to 14 grams of fibre.
  2. How much fibre do I need to take a day?
    The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and Malaysian dietary Guideline recommends a daily fibre intake of 20-35g a day for adults. However, most Malaysians consume only 13 to 16g of fibre a day.
  3. How is Total Fibre™ different from other fibre supplement in the market?
    1. Total Fibre™ is formulated to resemble our normal fibre intake from food (with a combination of insoluble and soluble fibre).
    2. It contains 10g of fibre in one sachet which means you need only to take it once a day
    3. It reduced incidence of gas, bloating and flatulence that could be experienced by many fibre supplement that contains soluble fibre only
    4. Lastly, it taste good with natural orange flavor and it does not thicken.
  4. When should I take Total Fiber™?
    You should take one sachet of Total Fiber™ 15 minutes before the biggest meal of the day. This helps to control blood sugar level post eating. You need only to take Total Fiber once a day.


Check out our Star Special  - Body,Mind and Soul on 9 November 2010 “ Fibre-ful news for diabetes” for more details.


Explore other benefits of increasing fiber intake:
Health Benefits Further Benefits
Improved sugar levels for diabetics & prediabetics Banish bloat
Promotes weight loss and management • Clearer complexion
• Alleviates constipation and promotes regularity • More energy throughout the day
• Improved heart health  
• Reduces the risk factors for colon cancer and breast cancer