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  FAQ: Fiber and bloating
  1. What causes bloating?
    Bloating can be caused by many varied reasons, some of the reasons are:
    • Undigested food lingering in the gut can cause that bloated uncomfortable feeling.
    • Consuming high amount of fiber supplement / fiber food (eg beans) that are high in soluble fiber.
    • Irritable bowel syndrome (often accompanied by constipation and abdominal pain).
  2. How does Total fiber™ help with bloating?
    • f bloating is caused by undigested food in the gut. Increasing fiber intake would help to clear out undigested food from the system hence banish the uncomfortable feeling of bloating ( according to UK fibre foundation).
    • If bloating is caused by IBS (Accompanied with constipation), increasing fibre intake can help manage these symptoms.
  3. How is Total Fiber™ different from other fibre products in the market? Most fibre products in the market are made up of soluble fiber only and are designed to ease constipation. Soluble fiber are fermented in the gut by bacteria and this fermentation process will cause a lot of release of gas. Bloating and flatulence is a common side effect of soluble fibre products. This is especially troublesome if one suffers from Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

    Total Fiber™ with six different types of natural fiber is formulated to resemble the normal fiber food from fruits and vegetables (with a combination of insoluble and soluble fiber) and can help to alleviate the problem of bloating. . Total Fiber™ even at 10g per sachet would not give you these unwanted effects that are normally experienced by most fibre products in the market..
  4. How do I take Total Fiber™ to alleviate the bloating problem?
    You only need to take 1 sachet of Total Fiber™ daily for one week to see the difference. You can take Total Fiber™ 10 minutes before meal (breakfast or lunch).


If you have questions that is not answered here, please feel free to email our pharmacist.



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Health Benefits Further Benefits
Improved sugar levels for diabetics & prediabetics Banish bloat
Promotes weight loss and management • Clearer complexion
• Alleviates constipation and promotes regularity • More energy throughout the day
• Improved heart health  
• Reduces the risk factors for colon cancer and breast cancer