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  FAQ: Total Fiber

Total Fiber™ consist of insoluble fiber and soluble fiber just like our natural food fiber.

  • Insoluble fiber bulks up stool and helps stool to move through the gut more quickly.
  • Soluble fiber have some stool softening effect and stimulates intestine natural prebiotic effect.

Total Fiber™ will help to regulate the bowel movement naturally to keep you regular. But it will not cause urgency to the toilet, loose stool or diarrhea or an unusual increased frequency to the toilet.

The Malaysian Dietary Guideline recommends a dietary fiber intake of 20-30gm a day. Total Fiber™ with 10g of fiber per sachet could help you to achieve your recommended dietary intake easily!


What type of fiber does Total Fiber contain?
Total fiber contains a combination of fiber that comprise of insoluble and soluble fiber with a ratio of 70:30. This resemble the normal fiber that we take from food (eg fruits and vegetables).

How is Total Fiber different from other fiber products?

  1. Total Fiber is exceptional because of the high fiber (10g) amount it provides with one single glass. The 10g are on average what people are missing in their daily diet. Therefore this drink is the perfect way to compensate for the lack of fibres in their diet, and is a unique and easy way to take in a lot of the fibres we miss. 
  2. Total Fiber is formulated with a 70:30 ratio of insoluble vs soluble fiber. This formulation not only matches our normal diet, it also reduces the incidence of gastrointestinal discomfort (gas, bloating and flatulence) which can be experience with fiber products that has high amount of soluble fiber. 
  3. Formulated with great moutfeel. Total fiber will not thicken, and is formulated in tasty natural orange flavour.

What is the recommended daily intake of fiber?
Malaysian dietary guideline recommends that Malaysians get 20-30 grams of fiber a day from plant foods, including both soluble and insoluble fiber. However, most Malaysians get only half this amount. Incorporating Total fiber can help ensure adequate fiber intake.

Can diabetics take Total Fiber?
Yes, diabetics will benefit from the additional fiber intake which will help to control the blood sugar level. It is best to take Total Fiber half an hour before food to help control post-prandial sugar level.

Most fiber products advice to increase dosage gradually, can consumer take 10g sachet of Total Fiber to start with?
As the insoluble fibres are not fermentable like soluble ones. Hence the incidence of bloating and flatulence is reduced. Therefore negative effect are not to be expected and the body will not be suffering from the higher consumption of fibres. Someone really sensible might want to start with half a dose but we have not experienced any problems to this date.

Can children take Total Fiber?
We would not recommend it for babies or small children - in particular because they do not need it, really. Small children do not need as many fibres as adults. From a school age (6 years and above), children can take the fiber drink. As a general guide for children ages 3 to 18, the American Dietetic Association’s recommendation for children’s fiber intake should equal age in years plus 5g/day (e.g., a 4 year old should consume 9 g/day).