1. What causes constipation during pregnancy?
    Constipation occurs during pregnancy due to increased production of female hormone progesterone which acts as a muscle relaxant. The muscle relaxant effect makes it more difficult for bowel muscles to contract, making it harder to move faeces through the intestine.Sometimes iron supplementation taken during pregnancy could also contribute to constipation.
  2. What cause haemorrhoids or piles during pregnancy and how to cope with it?
    When you’re pregnant, piles can occur because there is an increased pressure on your pelvic blood vessels, causing them to enlarge.
    Constipation can also cause piles. Preventing constipation by keeping your stools soft and regular can help to ease and prevent piles.
  3. How does TOTAL FIBER™ help in preventing or treating constipation?
    Ideally we should be taking at least 20-30g of fiber from our food daily. However, when there is insufficient intake, constipation can occur.
    TOTAL FIBER™ is a fiber supplement formulated to mimic our natural food fiber. It works by creating a bulky soft stool which makes it easier to pass.
  4. Is TOTAL FIBER™ safe to be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
    Yes, it is safe because it does not contain any stimulant and it formulated from food fiber which mimic the fiber from fruits and vegetables. Therefore it is ideal to be used as a fiber supplement when there is insufficient intake from food.
  5. How do I take TOTAL FIBER™?
    Mix the powder with 250-500ml of water. Take it on an empty stomach (before breakfast / before lunch) or take the fiber drink slowly throughout the day in small sips if suffering from indigestion or nausea. TOTAL FIBER™ does not gel up when mix in water, hence it can be taken slowly.