1. Does natural fiber supplement help in weight management?
    Yes it does but not to the extend of claim by some companies selling fiber preparations. Remember it is a fiber supplement NOT a medication.
  2. How can we use Total Fiber™ to get the best effect for Slimming?
    Total Fiber™ has very low calorie value. You can use it as a meal replacer. That is, you replace one meal a day by taking just Total Fiber™ and some low calorie biscuits. The high amount of fiber will keep you feeling full but without the calories.
  3.  What are the other benefits of Total Fiber™ in people who are trying to loose weight?
    People who are trying to loose weight may not take sufficient fiber as they try to restrict their food intake. Hence taking Total Fiber™ will ensure sufficient fiber is taken daily.
  4.  If I do not take Total Fiber as a meal replacer, how can I get the best benefit from taking Total fiber™?
    Total Fiber™ drink can be taken throughout the day as it does not gel. You can take a portion after each meal to ensure you get enough fiber. The fiber will help to slow the absorption of sugar and hence reduce fats formation.
  5. What is the difference between Total Fiber™ and other fiber products?
    Most fiber products are formulated with fiber which are meant to treat constipation NOT as a fiber supplement. Some of the preparation even includes strong laxatives and cause you to purge. You will see the other preparations gel easily and you have to take it immediately.
  6. What are the other benefits of Total Fiber™ compared to other fiber preparations
    As a fiber supplement, Total Fiber™ helps in digestion and this improves colon health. A healthy colon will strengthen your immune system. Remember 70% of your immune system resides in the wall of your colon.