1. What are the benefits to my child in taking enough fiber daily
    Taking sufficient fiber daily will help in digestion and hence a healthy colon.
    A healthy colon will also strengthen the immune system.
  2. My child dislike eating fruits and vegetables and sometimes my child ends up with constipation. How can Kidz Total Fiber help?
    Kidz Total Fiber™ is specially formulated with natural food fiber to have the same  composition of fiber as fruits and vegetables. So taking Kidz Total Fiber™ will help the child take sufficient fiber.
  3. Can my child take any fiber supplements from the pharmacy?
    Many fiber preparations sold in the pharmacy are meant to relief constipation and may also contain stimulant. These are not good as a fiber supplement.
    Kidz Total Fiber™ contains food fiber that is natural and organic and does not cause any side effects.
  4. My child is a fussy eater and does not eat much fruits and vegetables but does not suffer from constipation. Is Kidz Total Fiber necessary?
    Kidz Total Fiber is a supplement not a laxative. The objective of natural fiber supplement is to keep the digestive and immune system healthy. Of course it also provide enough fiber to prevent constipation.
  5. How long can my child take Kidz Total Fiber?
    Kidz Total Fiber™ can be taken daily if your child do not take sufficient fiber from fruits and vegetables.
  6. My doctor told me children below 6 should not take fiber preparations.
    Yes that is correct as most fiber preparations are use as a laxative. However Kidz Total Fiber™ are formulated to resemble fiber from fruits and vegetables. It can be taken by children from age 2 years onwards.
  7. How much fiber should my child consume in a day?
    The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that children from 2 years of age should consume (Age + 5g) to (age + 10g) of fiber per day. This means that if a child is 5 years old, he/she should consume 10-15g of fiber per day. One sachet of Kidz Total Fiber™ will provide 5g of fiber to supplement the child’s dietary fiber intake.