1. How does natural fiber lowers cholesterol?
    Natural fiber supplement like Total Fiber™ can help to reduce cholesterol by a number of actions. One of its action is to bind to the cholesteroland hence reduce its absorption.
    Another is fiber slows absorption of sugar which will then reduce triglyceride formation. This triglyceride is stored in the body as cholesterol.
    Finally, fiber reduces bile salt reabsorption. So to produce more bile salt, the body uses more cholesterol.
  2. What is the difference between Total Fiber™ and other fiber products?
    Most fiber products are formulated with fiber which are meant to treat Constipation only. Total Fiber™ is a natural fiber supplement which resemble natural fiber from fruits and vegetables.
  3. What are the other benefits of Total Fiber™ compared to other fiber preparations?
    A good fiber supplement like Total Fiber™ will help to slow sugar absorption and lower blood sugar level. It is common for a person with high cholesterol to also have high blood sugar. It also helps to improve disgestion and hence colon health.
  4. Can I stop my cholesterol medication when I take Total Fiber™?
    Total Fiber™ is a supplement NOT a medication. Taking Total Fiber™ together with your medication will help you manage you better manage your cholesterol.
  5.  I have slightly elevated cholesterol. Will Total Fiber™ help?
    Yes, it will help you better manage your cholesterol.