Total Fiber™ / NSF
No. Although Total Fiber™ are prescribed by doctors it's also available for purchase over the counter (OTC) at pharmacies, for patients with chronic constipation or for occasional use.
Yes, Total Fiber™ which is a bulk forming laxative is recommended as first choice of treatment for patients suffering from occasional or chronic constipation.
Total Fiber™ can be taken any time preferably before meals. It can also be mixed with water in a water bottle and can be consumed slowly throughout the day.
Total Fiber™™ regulates bowel movement via the most natural way which is the same way as taking more fruits and vegetables. Hence it is safe to consume Total Fiber™ long term.
Don’t be concerned if Total Fiber™ does not work immediately. It would normally take 24 – 72 hours to trigger the first bowel movement.
Total Fiber™ is safe to be taken during pregnancy or breast – feeding.
Yes Total Fiber™ can be taken by people with diabetes or reduced renal function.
Total fiber contains small amount of fructose which is low glycaemic index. However, there is also the option of Total Fiber™ NSF which do not contain any sugar at all.
Total Fiber™ NSF is also suitable for patients on fluid restricted diet as they can mix Total Fiber™ NSF in any existing soft food or beverages.
Yes, you can reduce the dosage to 1 sachet every other day as maintenance dose.
No, Total Fiber™ does not work by stimulating the bowel’s muscle or drawing water from the body to hydrate stools, hence it does not cause these side effects.
Total Fiber™ works by creating a bulky stool hence causing the bowel muscle to move (which is the same way as eating more fruits and vegetables).